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Why Faux Fur and not animal-fur ?

In today’s world with so many alternatives available there is no reason to continue exploiting animals for their fur.

These ethical alternatives allow us to spare the lives of many animals.

Thanks to the latest developments and advances in technology, faux fur’s quality is more beautiful than ever with a look and feel almost similar to that of animal-fur. 

From a sanitary perspective, recent pandemics has taught us the emergency to reduce places where animals are confined? These potential reservoirs of viruses could jeopardize human health. From this perspective, faux fur remains the cleanest and safer option. 

What about the sustainability of faux fur ?

Faux fur like all materials has an impact on the environment. Natural materials however are not free of impact as well as they do waste a large amount of natural resources such as water, rely on land-use and require a myriad of petrochemicals to remain in good condition. Literature have shown that faux fur, despite being a synthetic material, still have a lighter environmental impact than animal-fur.

Even when using conventional synthetics, faux fur is already a more sustainable choice. LCA studies have shown that the impact of a faux fur coat is 4 to 7 times smaller in terms of CO2 emissions than that of mink fur.

Why recycled and bio-based faux fur ?

In recent years, the conversation about the environmental impact of the fashion industry has become incredibly intense. This is good because the situation is urgent with climate change becoming a pressing reality.

We firmly believe that recycling is a key solution to reduce the impact of textile industry on planet earth. According to the Recycled and Textile Fibres and Textiles Recycling Report from the Federal Office for the environment of Switzerland recycled polyester requires 59% less energy than virgin polyester and gas emissions reduction by 32%.

Resources on earth are not limitless. But we also know there is enough stuff on the planet. We need to reuse everything that has been produced and create a circular system in which only a minimum of new inputs will have to be included.

With the same objective, we fully support bio-fabrication: the very idea of obtaining materials made from polymers originating from plant waste and not from fossil fuel is the promise of a greener fashion industry that we simply cannot ignore. Even if these bio-based materials are not fully plant-based yet we believe innovation must be supported even when they are at their genesis.

Recycling and bio-fabrication support a vision that synthetics created from virgin-oil are part of the past. We support a virtuous transition based on innovation.

Both recycled and bio-fabricated faux fur can be recyclable if brought to a good collecting system.

How do you work with faux fur ?

Faux fur can be worked in the same way as animal-fur. The only difference is that faux fur’s base is a textile not animal-skin. It makes the fabric lighter, less stiff, and ultimately easier to manipulate and work with. You can find many tutorials on-line that will help you work with faux fur.

How do I take care of faux fur ?

Fur, whether it’s faux or animal, is a fragile material. We recommend that you wear it by dry weather only. Also avoid manipulating your faux fur in a careless way so that the hair is not broken.

You can create your faux fur routine by gently brushing the fur like you would pet your cat or dog and use a blow-dryer at low temperature to fluff it up, once in a while. Your faux fur will look absolutely rejuvenated.

Faux fur is an easy-care fabric. When summer has arrived, you can simply hang your faux fur coat in a garment bag. It does not need special maintenance.

Can I wash my faux fur ?

Yes, you can. Smaller items can be hand-washed at lukewarm temperature (under 30° is a good tip to avoid microplastics release). Let it dry in the open air and use a blow-dryer if you want to add extra fluff, using low temperature mode. You can also bring your faux fur coat to the dry cleaner. Please make sure your dry cleaner has experience in faux fur care, first.

Is faux fur as warm as real fur ?

Yes. Synthetics are technical materials with incredible properties. They are a favorite choice for athletes, climbers or explorers having to evolve in the coldest environment on the planet. Studies have shown that protection against the cold offered by faux fur is comparable to that of animal-fur. In 2017 a study conducted by a group of experts from Concept III and the Hohenstein Institute claimed that faux fur preforms better with regard to wind retention and icicle formation.


How do I order ?

Just like shopping on-line, you simply have to select the materials of your choice and add them to the basket, with the right quantity. Once you’re finished, you can check-out, filling-in the necessary details for payment and shipment.

What if I changed my mind or if there is a default : can I return my faux furs ? Do you have a refund policy ?

The products can be returned to us within the next 14 days from delivery date. You can ask a refund using the same payment method (credit – debit card) except for transportations expenses. 

The items must be returned in perfect, unused condition and packed carefully with a proof of sending. The tag should not be removed.

Cut fabric and tailor-made items cannot be refunded unless faulty. 

Please note all products are quality checked by hands and visually by our team of experts.

Refund will be validated and processed once the items are received back.

How long should I wait to receive my order ?

Your order will be taken care of as soon as the payment is confirmed. However, depending on the nature of your order, your location and eventually events that are beyond our control we consider a 3 to 10 days period from dispatch.

May I get samples of our faux fur qualities ?

We have got hundreds and hopefully in the future will be thousands of qualities. We are sorry, however it is not possible for us to send you this volume of samples. Therefore, we offer you a no-minimum-quantity policy, with the aim that you can acquire samples of one meter, before placing a bulk order.

Can you create customized qualities ?

We are lucky to belong to a group with owned mills. If you are willing to build your own quality, please contact us. Note that minimum quantities, in that case, are applied.

I want to make you a suggestion. Can I ?

Of course! House of Faux Fur is for and from you. It means any appreciation is most welcome.

Do you want to propose new qualities or colors? Do you want to give an improvement advice? Do you want to give us any ideas? Do you want to show us your projects with our qualities?

Anything. Contact us. We will be pleased to chat with you!

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