Faux fur has a rich history of incredible fashion moments. From statement coats with a powerful message to faux fur made in groundbreaking innovative materials – let’s have a look at some of the most iconic faux furs ranked from amazing to fabulous. 

House of Faux Fur - Gisèle

Calvin Klein yellow coat with with PVC – fall 2017

Calvin klein’s 2017 yellow faux fur wrapped in PVC was a hit making the cover of prestigious magazines sported by no less prestigious super stars. Rihanna, Lorde, super model Lara Stone and a cohort of fashion bloggers were addicted to that coat. PVC may have fallen from grace, but the archives remain.

Calvin Klein House of Faux Fur

Bottega venetta (Beyonce et Adele) fall 21

Take some of the most prominent pop stars like Beyonce or Adele and make them worn a crazy faux fur from Bottega Venetta and so you have a true iconic fashion moment. Are you team red or green?
 House of Faux Fur  Bottega Venetta

Teddy bear coat drake 1987

Last spring rapper Drake sported this incredible vintage Teddy bear coat from jean-Charles de Castelbajac made of stuffed animal heads (he already worn one in 2014!). The creator declared "I designed it as a manifesto in reaction to the use of animal fur, I wanted to create a more spectacular UFO than the most beautiful fox, ermine or mink coat,". A message well ahead of its time !
The coat now reportedly resells at 1 700$ to 1 million for a vintage one !

House of Faux Fur - Drake Faux Fur

Rainbow faux gay pride 2018

When designer Christopher Bailey took his final bow as artistic director for Burberry, he ended the show with a beautiful message of freedom and tolerance embodied by Cara Delevingne in a huge multi-colored stripe rainbow faux fur cape. Brilliant.

House of Faux Fur - Cara Delevigne

Donny brook the 80s

Decades ago, faux fur was less seen as an alternative to animal fur than a playful way of being non-conformist in opposition to the classic mink coat worn by wealthy ladies of New York 5th avenue. Fashion brand Donny brook perfectly represented the playfulness of faux fur. His “face coat” has inspired Prada or Stella McCartney and was worn by Rihanna on multiple occasions. It’s the epitome of cool.

House of Faux Fur  - Rihanna

Mugler 1995

Thierry Mugler was a pioneer on many levels. He was one of the first to use faux fur and elevate the material. Mugler used faux fur so intensely so it’s quite hard to just pick one coat. Maybe that extraordinary immaculate faux fur built like a wedding cake and worn by the sculptural Claudia has an extra something.

House of Faux Fur Mugler


Marco de Vincenzo 2017

Marco de Vincenzo started his career at Fendi and then created his own Maison in which faux fur became a signature. All the coats from his February 2017’s collection received raved review from fashion reporters. The constellation one is simply fabulous.

House of Faux Fur

Shrimps 2014

London-based fashion label Shrimps made a lot for the faux trend. Almost a decade ago founder and creative director Hannah Weiland literally created the trend before luxury maisons followed. Her simple, modern, and nostalgic breton-stripe modacrylic faux furs were a favorite for all fashion girls in London for an entire season.

House of Faux Fur

Koba coat 2019

For the first time in 2019 a faux fur coat that was not made in conventional synthetics was shown at a fashion week. Who else than Stella McCartney could be behind such an innovative concept? KOBA® made with almost 40% corn ingredients by Ecopel marked the beginning of a new era of faux fur.

House of Faux Fur

Pushbutton 2014

Only a Korean label could create such a playful and fun coat. This amazing mink replica is balanced with a smiley and a streetstyle effect. The “fucking gorgeous” is just perfect.

House of Faux Fur

June 27, 2023